“Weather Radio Said 34…”

January 21, 2019)

maybe thirty-six

this no-frost morning unfreeze

prevention drill fine*

*(This time of year I get most all my exercise hauling container pots and seedling flats in and out about every four days depending on cold-front timing. I also sharpen my newly-minted cussword collection by hauling out blankets, sheets and other coverings for the less-mobile plants.)

“Tomorrow’s Storms”

(January 23, 2019)

tomorrow’s storm-front

cheated with a grey bluster

agitates the lake*

*(Four-mile wide Lake Monroe – 11 miles long along the East-West axis – has this impenetrable line of showers hanging just about mid-lake where The Saint Johns River wends its way northward from Lake Hell-n-Blazes (modified for gentler ears to Hellen Blazes some few decades ago) to Jacksonville. For an hour the gustfront never arrived and only after I left my luncheon perch – apple and dry-oatring cereal – did I see evidence of rain-spurts on sidewalks and parking lots. Glad I watered the garden(s) Monday. We are expecting another strong cold front Thursday and rain is likely from morning to morning with thunder possible in Thursday evening. I hope old man roars-a-lot brings his buddy muchrain.)

“Eyes Closed & Beer Drunk”

(January 21, 2019)

eyes closed and beer drunk

second football game last-half

better than the first*

*(Listening to the Conference professional football games Sunday last with a two-beer limit – conveniently ignored from the usual per-day to per-game limit, hence the reclined pose but not the eyes closed: how best to envision the action aurally described but by blocking the other second-sense of sight?)

“Blonde In A Red Roadster”

(January 21, 2019)

blonde in red roadster

her hair wind-whipped and perky

fantasy fulfilled*

*(Make-up perfect, ruby lips, blue eyes highlighted; she smiles whitely almost blindingly so, waves beauty-pageant style from her racy convertible. Please, quit building coupes, America. This fantasy must be shared. Those of you so moved feel free to substitute your own vision.)

“Want Better Relations?” Tanka 2241

(January 21, 2019)

want a better life?

graduate high school; no kids

before you are twenty

and marry the mother first…

both right and left think-tanks say*

*(Both sides of the political spectrum in America say if you want to stay out – or get out – of poverty just these three things – finish high school, get married to the parent of your children before you have kids and even then delay children until you are past twenty-years-old (both of you!) and it will be almost impossible to fall into poverty. Go ask the leading Left and Right think tanks. I dares ya!)