“Michelle’s Dad”

(January 13, 2019)

michelle’s dad walked by

and said ‘please leave her alone’

on his wife’s orders*

*(Mikki’s dad was an over-50-league softball pitcher I did a personality profile photo-story on back when I was committing Sports Editorship at the Snafu (Sanford) Herald, then trying to con the rest of Seminole County (Florida) into thinking the new name “The Evening Herald” was meant to mean All of the County, and not just in the sports pages, either. Mikki’s dad knew his daughter and I had been seeing each other for several years, and his wife unliked the idea greatly. Can’t say as I blamed her. Those days I posed for dictionary pictures as “Cad.” All her dad said was – in a different conversation when I came to call at their lakefront home – with you out of the picture maybe she will have a chance to find someone who will stay.” I agreed. I stayed away. I went back to school to finish a useless-mostly education. Years later our paths crossed. Mikki had a kid. And no husband. Was one, but that marriage fell apart. Again, years intervened. Mikki still single, her son a bit of a legal problem. She struggled but kept her wonderful sense of humor and her head held high. We shared a dance or three at Alive After Five in downtown Sanford, a large glass of nice wine. A date later that month for early dinner at The Willow Tree Cafe. Where we agreed I still was not ready to settle down. This time, she walked away. Smart girl.)

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