“A Case For Incompatibility”

(January 13, 2019)

National Football

Coaches ‘sposed to have racial

quotas and winning*

*(According to NFL and other ancillary outfits there is supposed to be a protocol for Minority – meaning Black because Hispanic and Asian do not seem to count much, though the name Tom Flores continues to float across my prefrontal cortex – head coaches, seeing as how something like 75-80 percent of the players are Black (current jargon says African-American, but I can not see why a Continental-descriptive has any business linking itself with a national diminutive…but I guess allowances must be made despite in most places The United States of America is understood when just “America” is uttered, much to the chagrin of the United States of Argentina. Which case possibly is part and parcel of the Hispano-American (and Porto-American) mongrelization of U.S.A. into E.E.U.U. which parses backwardly into Estados Estados Unidos Unidos. See. Silly, no? Now, as to coaches’ colors: I thought only winning counts in a progressive platform wherein performance is the only mark of success. I moan – originally meant to type “mean” – isn’t wins and losses in This Business the crux of the matter? After all, this is the country which made Soccer possible…not. So long as we continue to tie ourselves up in artificial knots – and nots! – we never will be able to match the girls’ success at World Cup…and that’s not even REAL FOOTBALL! Get a grip, guys!)