“Pun* Perhaps”

(January 9, 2019)

Truth shall set you free –

if you have enough troops –

though Troops can Trump Truth!

*(Apocrypha, perhaps. Just a late night or early-morning wake-up forcing my pen to find paper and a windup one-diode light. The pun was unrealized until daylight shone on the last line. So I just hadda capitalize the second-to-last-word just to make it more noticed that I had no such intention of Trumpeting what I see coming down the pike One Day Real Soon Now. Or, as one famous former – now safely dead – American President once asked, grinningly when told The U. S. Supreme Court clouted down his new law and insisted he stop enforcing it, “Oh, yeah, and just how many divisions does the Chief Justice have?” You can LookItUp. Truth!)

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