“Pun* Perhaps”

(January 9, 2019)

Truth shall set you free –

if you have enough troops –

though Troops can Trump Truth!

*(Apocrypha, perhaps. Just a late night or early-morning wake-up forcing my pen to find paper and a windup one-diode light. The pun was unrealized until daylight shone on the last line. So I just hadda capitalize the second-to-last-word just to make it more noticed that I had no such intention of Trumpeting what I see coming down the pike One Day Real Soon Now. Or, as one famous former – now safely dead – American President once asked, grinningly when told The U. S. Supreme Court clouted down his new law and insisted he stop enforcing it, “Oh, yeah, and just how many divisions does the Chief Justice have?” You can LookItUp. Truth!)

“The Cat Playfully* Raised A Paw-Salute” Tanka 2227

(January 11, 2018)

QuickMarch to Downtown:

woman watching her cat pee,

both say ‘hi’ to me;

She was cloistered with her cup,

cat was without qualm or gile.

*(Do felines “cat-thropomorphize”? I know I anthropomorphize both cats and dogs…and with good reason: both have us well-trained. Just watch a human scurry to the door for either of its owners. In today’s example, the black-and-white cat eyed me frankly and raised a paw before turning to finish its toilette. The woman murmured her hello and held her coffee – tea – as if a ward for protection. The cat and I are well acquainted and I passed on a sotto voce me-ow with my learned-from-skeeterthecat low throat rumble and head-nodded back to the porch. I was but blocks from the library. I miss that Siamese Seal-Point. She was born on my camoflage-poncholiner blanket just about the time I got blown up in Vietnam, so her mom, Skeeter I, pesented her to me as I rested my weary head December 24, 1970, on my boyhood bed, reminding myself I must fix the broken front door: I had to bust my way in since no one was home. Mom and Dad were in Colorado, I learned when my younger brother came by later that day and noticed the front door askew. That was a weird day to start a weird week. All the cats – from a seal-point and a blue-point? but Skeeter II were gifted in a pair of months, but it was Skeeter I who with her mom – whom I brought through feline distemper just before I embarked on my year of post-graduate study at the University of Southeast Asia, I-Corps Campus headquartered in Danang. Tiger the yellow bent-tail cur came by to say hello and “feed me!” poking his happy nose into my room and sauntered past Skeeter I with her passel of brood in a cardboard box with cut strips of newspaper – with a grocery sack of new strips for twice – and sometimes thrice – daily changing. Tiger, being a gentleman, takes care of his own ablutions and keeps his amorous affairs – and results – out-of-doors in the nearby woods. Both mom and I long figured out his schtick: when he has a ladyfriend in “the family way” he cocks his head leftwards and trots off with a pancake after he rolls it into a log with his nimble nose and returns instanter from his well-traveled trail into the palmetto scrub for another serving…or seven. I don’t mind except when its waffles. Then I insist on a more equal division.)

“The Cat Playfully* Raised A Paw-Salute”

(January 11, 2019)

QuckMarch to Downtown:

woman watching her cat pee;

both say ‘hi’ to me.

*(Do felines ‘Cat-thropomorphize’ their servant-humans? I know I find cats and dogs easy to anthropomorphize. They have trained us well: just watch a human scurry to the door. In this instance, the woman shyly cupped her coffee – tea? – and sotto voced her hello. The cat raised a paw and watched me walk fast by her toilette as if my attention was not only proper but expected.)