“Will Newton Snookers’ Missus Object?”

(January 4, 2019)

will ‘tooth-moll’ missus

Rita take ‘Fairy Floozy’

Carla laying down?*

*(A regular feature of AM 840 radio Mims’ WPGS is “The Secret Adventures of The Tooth Fairy” featuring lead character Newton Snookers in who past seasons made self-appointed girlfriend Rita his bride, now under the guidance of Hershel Hollywood, The Molar Marauder’s new advance publicity man, another femme fatal comes out of Mister Hollywood’s copious closet – which some suspect may be an analog to The Famous Fairy’s School at Doctor AhrmADingo’s dentist’s office’s supply closet. The Cool Ed show’s running of this feature approximately at half-past seven and again in the same position at a show-repeat at 9 a.m. Monday-through-Friday, will keep listeners if not in stitches at least reaching for the nitrous oxide mask.)

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