“Snake Story #1”

(December 31, 2018)

just glimpsed friend black snake

taking the warm southern sun

mid-day -both retreat*

*(I went quick around the house to check the progress of the fancy tomato seedlings and some other seeds I’d set to catch the late morning and afternoon sun and warm – 80+ degree Fahrenheit temperatures and I see a small, skinny blacksnake slithering off the patch of sun-warmed white sand just before the seedling-ranch, covered with protective wire cages to keep squirrels from trying their small hands at planting spare acorns. My heart leapt. It had been almost a half-year since a somewhat larger blacksnake slithered with sublime nonchalance eighteen inches from my bare feet at which rested a Cuban anole small lizard which had convinced me not to convulse at its grazing mosquitoes off my bare toes and feet as I sat reading in the summer sun in a comfortable rocking chair. Neither I nor the ‘zard paid the snake any more attention that it did us. The snake I am sure feasted well on the anole’s small fry but never thought – I anthromorphized – to test my willingness to sacrifice a friend to a slitherer.)