“ThanksGotten Recipe”

(December 12, 2018)

Never before heard

mac-n-cheese* holiday fare!

pairs well with turkey?

*(But, please, not from a box.  Although I do like the simple television commercial featuring kids editing the box label to reflect the real reason America loves its sauced noodles: “Cheese-N-Mac!” Some good melting cheeses, some cream (what? you eschew  cholesterol? How unAmerican! Okay, milk if you must, but do add a couple pats of unsalted butter just for me!), some salt – yes there is salt in both cheese and the boiled macaroni (usually I try to type Marconi instead…and wonder how that swiper of another’s invention would taste boiled?) but instead of the elbow try other shapes, with a touch of cayenne and nutmeg and, yes, some freshly ground black pepper.  I like emmentaler(sp?) and sometimes add jack to the cheese blends.   Any good melting cheese that does not come dried in a packet should do fine.)

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