“NewSpeak…NotSpeak” Tanka 2193

(December 18, 2018)

is ‘faith-based’ polite

waysay church without say church

my, what a strange world

never use one word* when two

will say less than none can do

*(was going to keep the originally-mistyped “world” instead of word, but that is not what I want to here-say: Did Faith-Based come to our common lexicon as a way to avoid the word “Church?” Or Mosque or Temple or Synagogue or crude Brush Arbor or elaborate or simple altar stone out int he wild? Have we come so far up sophistication’s twisty trail that saying what is meant is verboten?  Are we that craven that one complaint – or twelve million – means all have to abandon a perfectly good descriptive to satisfy the whines of a few, which possibly were placed in the minds of the whine so to ‘plaint which was the intent with which to begin.  Education, thy modern name is coward.)

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