Christmas Turkey ~1855

boiling a turkey for The Holidays. I do it to their chicken cousins all the time: actually I have learned to poach…immerse bird in roiling boiling water in largest heavy pot, bring back to a boil. Turn off, cover, let sit an hour. Take temp at breast and thigh: should read appropriate 165F and 185F, respectively. Remove, strip carcass. Add carrots, celery, onion, garlic, carcass to the broth and bring to a strong simmer. Skim. When sufficiently done to your liking, add a pound or so of washed chicken feet to add gelatin to the resultant stock. Now, I know what not to expect were I to try turkey. My 25-quart All Clad might protest too much and go off sulking to the Shakespeare shelving.

Convivial Supper

Boiled Turkey and Gravy Recipe.

This recipe is taken from Soyer’s shilling cookery for the people.  The cooking method is ingenious, as it’s a one-pot Christmas dinner. Included: stuffing, gravy, and soup! I love that it adds bacon to the pot for both salt and flavor.

Has anyone tried boiling a whole turkey?

I may have to try this with a chicken…

Soyer's Shilling Cookery for the People

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