“Smoking Gun Theory?”

(December 10, 2018)

Deer* Meejha-haha

‘gun’ too young to be smoking!

Guess who takes the blame?

*(Was gonna type ‘Der’ Meejah’ but I unwarped my twisted senses last night and could not find adequate substitution.  The brouhaha over an expected “smoking gun” finally birthed by The Media and The SwampTings is tiring.  So far one limp leather feather with not ties to much if anything illegal and still breathlessly panting goes a deaddogdragging media up and down the same streets relentlessly telling its one- or two-man listening/viewing crowd We Got ‘Em Now. Prepare the barbecue! We gonna have Roast President Tomorrey! – Hah! BugHum! Quit interrupting my book!)

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