“My Favorite ‘Jeopardy’ Lefty Lineup!”

(December 10, 2018)

Alltime fave lineup:

a. ocasio-cortez,

s.j. lee, m. waters*

*(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters well may be the best examples of Leftist Democrats ever to grace the set of the popular Jeopardy television answer-and-question long-running series.  The show often hosts celebrities and pop figures and elected officials in charity contests. Were these three no-nothing stalwarts to appear on one show versus each other I fear the budget well might get busted: each present a clear possibility of racking up a tie score: 0-0-0 at best though I feel it in my bones nevagive numbers based on double- and final jeopardy bets well might give us a negative winner.  Now, my question: is the lowest negative tally the winner, or the highest? And what if the count remains a three-way tie.  Does each recipient agency share or get equal prizes? I hope the papers would cover it, or at least twitter: I could not bear to watch, or even watch bare…especially that: ‘ cause I might find myself starkers running from the set and out into the street screaming into the night: Just Who Elected These Numbskulls? Answer: Us. We did.  They reflect a scary and growing scarier portion of our nation.)

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