“Smoking Gun Theory?”

(December 10, 2018)

Deer* Meejha-haha

‘gun’ too young to be smoking!

Guess who takes the blame?

*(Was gonna type ‘Der’ Meejah’ but I unwarped my twisted senses last night and could not find adequate substitution.  The brouhaha over an expected “smoking gun” finally birthed by The Media and The SwampTings is tiring.  So far one limp leather feather with not ties to much if anything illegal and still breathlessly panting goes a deaddogdragging media up and down the same streets relentlessly telling its one- or two-man listening/viewing crowd We Got ‘Em Now. Prepare the barbecue! We gonna have Roast President Tomorrey! – Hah! BugHum! Quit interrupting my book!)

“My Favorite ‘Jeopardy’ Lefty Lineup!”

(December 10, 2018)

Alltime fave lineup:

a. ocasio-cortez,

s.j. lee, m. waters*

*(Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters well may be the best examples of Leftist Democrats ever to grace the set of the popular Jeopardy television answer-and-question long-running series.  The show often hosts celebrities and pop figures and elected officials in charity contests. Were these three no-nothing stalwarts to appear on one show versus each other I fear the budget well might get busted: each present a clear possibility of racking up a tie score: 0-0-0 at best though I feel it in my bones nevagive numbers based on double- and final jeopardy bets well might give us a negative winner.  Now, my question: is the lowest negative tally the winner, or the highest? And what if the count remains a three-way tie.  Does each recipient agency share or get equal prizes? I hope the papers would cover it, or at least twitter: I could not bear to watch, or even watch bare…especially that: ‘ cause I might find myself starkers running from the set and out into the street screaming into the night: Just Who Elected These Numbskulls? Answer: Us. We did.  They reflect a scary and growing scarier portion of our nation.)