“Found What I Have Lost!”

(December 10, 2018)

found what I have lost

the simple joy of knowing*

I am not alone!

*(Was going to use “discovery” vice “knowing” in the second line, but it didn’t fit and I was piqued in my own fit’s recovery.  At was 2 a.m. and I reached for my glasses, fumbled and then heard that awful sound: something slid off the night-table and went tinkle, tinkle, clack into the nethers.  By fumble and near-tumble I located the glasses frame and found, yes, one lens had escaped its prison wires.  So I by Polish Land Mine(or ‘d) Detector,  if you must: and, actually, I did one time see a troop of South Korean Marine privates form up on-line and stomp their way across a muddy rice paddy in search of hidden landmines, what in those days we euphemised: Surprise Firing Devices, much like today’s Improvised Explosive Devices, instead of the more succinct and accurate “Booby Traps, Bouncing Bettys, Toe-Poppers” and other such actually descriptive names.  But I digressed.  Instead of leaving the comfort of my knotted together double poncho liner sleeping arrangement on the couch where I had fallen to nod while listing to the Sunday Night football game, and walking to the lightswitch to illuminate the situation, I grabbed my not-slid to the floor sidewinder windup single-diode illuminating device (flashlight) and began the laborious process of moving detritus – flotsam and jetsam of a sloven – about until I saw a glint.  Yep, superhard and UV-coated plastic glints when under light.  Popped the lens back into its cell and instead of a congratulatory return to radio to find out the score, I returned to a modest five-hour repose to go with whatever I had accumulated earlier, say mid-fourth quarter at the very least.)

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