“Why Then I Smoked”

(December 6, 2018)

call it defensive

smoking – cigarette to burn

off the big leeches*


*(Crossing streams, rivers, rice paddies in Viet Nam sometimes – oftener the further into The Bush you were – caused leeches to attach, and in some cases very embarrassing places. The glowing tip of a lit cigarette could encourage the blood-suckers to abandon lunch for less-stressful climes.  More than ambuscade even, leeches were the enemy. And, in a way, still are.)

“Found What I Have Lost!”

(December 10, 2018)

found what I have lost

the simple joy of knowing*

I am not alone!

*(Was going to use “discovery” vice “knowing” in the second line, but it didn’t fit and I was piqued in my own fit’s recovery.  At was 2 a.m. and I reached for my glasses, fumbled and then heard that awful sound: something slid off the night-table and went tinkle, tinkle, clack into the nethers.  By fumble and near-tumble I located the glasses frame and found, yes, one lens had escaped its prison wires.  So I by Polish Land Mine(or ‘d) Detector,  if you must: and, actually, I did one time see a troop of South Korean Marine privates form up on-line and stomp their way across a muddy rice paddy in search of hidden landmines, what in those days we euphemised: Surprise Firing Devices, much like today’s Improvised Explosive Devices, instead of the more succinct and accurate “Booby Traps, Bouncing Bettys, Toe-Poppers” and other such actually descriptive names.  But I digressed.  Instead of leaving the comfort of my knotted together double poncho liner sleeping arrangement on the couch where I had fallen to nod while listing to the Sunday Night football game, and walking to the lightswitch to illuminate the situation, I grabbed my not-slid to the floor sidewinder windup single-diode illuminating device (flashlight) and began the laborious process of moving detritus – flotsam and jetsam of a sloven – about until I saw a glint.  Yep, superhard and UV-coated plastic glints when under light.  Popped the lens back into its cell and instead of a congratulatory return to radio to find out the score, I returned to a modest five-hour repose to go with whatever I had accumulated earlier, say mid-fourth quarter at the very least.)

“Bring In The Experts”*

(December 10, 2018)

Bring in The Experts:

pay them well but ignore

their insultancies!

*(Insultancies: adverb? From a compound word – Insult and Consultant – which many experts claim is redundant.  A Consultant is one who charges you by the square footage of their office-space rent, plus what commonly is called “a multiplier” in their particular brand of Insult whose product is to tell you what you already know.  Used often by many levels of government to justify what they already are doing. Used in private economic spheres to drain off excess wealth to uncles, nephews, cousins and aunts, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum,  fond of money but less inclined actually to work.)