“To See An Old Pal…”

(November 24, 2018)

to see an old pal

dry and now drunk…heartbreaking

and I was unkind

*(And now I pray that momentary shun leaves a small drop of worm in my pal Mike’s existence.  He dried up for a long time – even attended meetings I think.  And when I saw him just a few weeks ago, bellybulging with beer, one in his hand slopping out its pull-hole, and breathing enough to knock me over I knew he was nowhere near bottom now, and any attention I paid would mean approval to him.  I hope and pray he sees himself again. There are a few I know who struggle daily with what the rest of the world calls addiction.  I have a few of my own, but they only attack now in just-before waking dreams…and the call of that tobacco from a fine cigar is just an argument I keep around when much else is a yes these days.)

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