“I’m Not From Texas!”

(November 29, 2018)

teach called on ‘j kirk’

no one answered  she eyed me

i’m not from texas*

*(Extrapolated from an overhead phone conversation my mother had with a Pine Crest Elementary School teacher of mine.  Mom related the teacher’s half: “When ever I ask J Kirk to come to the (black) board or answer a question or read he just looks right through me.  I know he hears fine and he participates in class fine as well. Is there a problem I should know about, Mrs. Richards?” “Well,” I heard mom say at her end of the line as I soaked in the situation – I just knew this call was about – who? – me. “I can tell you why. You see J is not from Texas.  (But mom did not complete the song: she should have said: “just say jkirk, jkirk, jkirk real fast inside your head or out loud if you want and you will see why he pays absolutely no attention when someone uses both is given names.”) But, mom, being a real southern gentleman, did not clue the lady in.  In those days I still allowed teachers and others to “periodize” J, or worse spell it out as “jay” which is a kind of bird and last time I looked nary a feather did I spy on either arm.)

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