(November 29, 2018)

To The Boobs In Charge:

Boot two state reps off top shelf

over Bosses’ Boobs!*

*(Chicanery, thy name is constant political feud and fashion flinging right and respect for the voters everywhere…in both corrupt parties political, that is, what twists for truth is that both sides lie and cheat and steal.  Bloodsport and SausageGrinding, it’s explained.  Well, I like Spider Robinson’s posit in “Night of Power” in which all political positions from city council and such all the way up to president and supreme court justice are handed out by lottery – want lower taxes? just hop on a garbage truck each evening for a month and then do your real skill every other weekend for six months and pay none or a lot less – and if you are boss dog you stay in that 1600 Penna. Avenue doghouse and feed the Queen of England hot dogs and beans the day most of the rest of America does the same…and if you want Grey Poupon, that comes outta your pocket! All others live in government barracks right near The Troops and eat in the mess halls.  Do a good job and the six year sentence – oops, term – is cut in half; do a bad job and the sentence – no oops this time – is re-election!” Thanks, Spider.)

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