“Pray, What Preys On ‘ Skeeters?*”

(December 4, 2018)

Pray, what preys upon

mosquitoes…science will kill

I’ll stick with DEET!

*(News has be on-going from Brazil about tests being done using genetically modified male mosquitoes in much-plagued areas. The boys – who do not bite I’m told – impregnate the blood-thirsty girls but produce no offspring.  So far the test-beds reveal some 80-percent drop in newborn mosquitoes.  But at what cost?  Do we now face forced-starvation bats barely able to sonar their way out of their caves for a nightly feast on flying insectivorae? Do we trifle with nature too soon.  Has anyone of note studied the affects and effects of a world 80 percent less ‘skeeterish?  Will The Diety decide we buzz just a mite too close to his bailiwick?

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