“Escaping Google”

(December 4, 2018)

can we ‘scape google*?

sure.  we just follow the trail

blazed by the chinese!


*(Sub: Apple, Facebook, etc, for ‘google. Personally, I’m a fan of Googleplex, which is a google of googles, mathematically.  If your hurry you can lookitup (on an old-style bound book called a Dictionary…before the Word Police wearing multi-colored badges got to them…and, since Steve Hawking no longer needs use of big numbers why should we worry? Long have the dystopians told us of brain-plugs to put the world – nay! the universe! – at our thought-click, thus obviating need for a convenient thumb or fore(or five!)finger. Recent advances in social consciousness by such forwardly left-thinking major ‘puting players such as Google, Apple, (maybe Microsoft: I haven’t kept up, I confess) allow Communist China to cap its teeming masses’ apparent addiction of all things internet-ish.  Even That Guy Tim Cook has lauded CC’s efforts in actualizing a better platform for his team’s services, but the bitten apple looks so sad with that bigger hunk of space invading its oh-so-cute logo.)

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