“Yes, Teresa Thre is No Santa Clause*”

originally posted on Commentary, Outrages, etc. Just a brief glance towards Oceania to see how the former British Empire fares under its new bootheel…The Common Market was an American/English idea to help bring stability to Europe…then some Damnfool Brit though it’d be a neat way to further Socialise *Queen’s English Spelling Intentinal* that former glittering gateway to a sad mess to Our East.

Accidentally, ShehanneMoore, I deleted your pithy and germane Lack’aBlue commentary: what a shame. Blue is my favorite color and highly appropriate in The Resident’s (10 Downing St.) case.  May she have a swift and long vacation soonest. Longer comment attached to another version.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose

(December 4, 2018)

The cost of ‘Brexit’

is accepting The Same Deal!

May I say “Bye-Bye?”

*(Not A misspelling of Clause, Mizz May.  I did not take the time to look up your first name’s spelling…and I’d rather have used ‘Virginia’ anyway, but I feared EU trademark infringement laws.  What you are trying to get Britain to do is to accept the European Union and its rules and regulations as the price of leaving the European Union.  My how 1984ish of you. Eric Blair could not have penned better.)

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