“This Rubs Me Raw”

(December 4, 2018)

lost more than my mind

while upon ‘the throne – thinking

lost two ‘ku that way*

*(Sensitive types do not read past this colon: originally it was on the last line “lost two haiku wiping” but I do self-censor…sometimes and then correct the error often immediatly with gauche comments like the above. It still rankles that nature’s duty supersedes “art.” Sorry about the misplaced pun-alert .)

2 thoughts on ““This Rubs Me Raw”

    • Thanks, so much. More is explained in my preamble to my Facebook/twitter postings: richwrapper/jkirkrichards1. I was looking for a “follow button, The Alchemist, but since I have a three-hour window on the library’s ‘puters this search will have to happen later. Again, thanks for the comment. J Richards


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