“Pre-empt Law Is Strategy”

(December 4, 2018)

‘Me Too’ Solution:

Hire them not – no more ‘complaints!’

No more CNN!*

*(Of course the solution is laughable.  Should any me-tooers get aggravated sufficiently the male-domination brigades will then be volleyed with Gender Discrimination – in place of Gender (Sex) Assault – or sumsuch legal proscription instead.  Few of those who esteem their lofty positions will find it comfortable to demure, even to the point of counter-claim or lawsuit.  Soon all of academia, industry, profession and more will have both men and women wearing Go Pro audio-visual shoulder-mounted devices for self-protection.  No conferences one-on-one, no mentoring, no inclusions without chaperonage even to the point of separate flights, separate seats if on same flights, separate hotels or at least separate floors…you get the picture.  Proficiency and expedience then drag hundredweight chains.  Until we all – men and women and their separate or joint operations outfits – come to grips with rampant “Correctness” little will get done and – wait a minute, if that were applied to governmental upper-management considerations perhaps not such a bad thing…really.)

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