“Mister Mueller’s Past(a) Song”

I think I read somewhere just recently – was it twitter – during which time I passed by a tweet from Der President about how so many people were misreading Bob Mueller. I trust it was a funny tweet. I find the man slimy. But I do not have all the facts…and neither, apparently, does he, though, presumably he has them, just won’t use them. Right, Hillary?

Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry

(December 4, 2018)

tell me yet again

about his integrity

and this man’s noodle

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“Yes, Teresa Thre is No Santa Clause*”

originally posted on Commentary, Outrages, etc. Just a brief glance towards Oceania to see how the former British Empire fares under its new bootheel…The Common Market was an American/English idea to help bring stability to Europe…then some Damnfool Brit though it’d be a neat way to further Socialise *Queen’s English Spelling Intentinal* that former glittering gateway to a sad mess to Our East.

Accidentally, ShehanneMoore, I deleted your pithy and germane Lack’aBlue commentary: what a shame. Blue is my favorite color and highly appropriate in The Resident’s (10 Downing St.) case.  May she have a swift and long vacation soonest. Longer comment attached to another version.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose and Poetry

(December 4, 2018)

The cost of ‘Brexit’

is accepting The Same Deal!

May I say “Bye-Bye?”

*(Not A misspelling of Clause, Mizz May.  I did not take the time to look up your first name’s spelling…and I’d rather have used ‘Virginia’ anyway, but I feared EU trademark infringement laws.  What you are trying to get Britain to do is to accept the European Union and its rules and regulations as the price of leaving the European Union.  My how 1984ish of you. Eric Blair could not have penned better.)

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“‘Ware What You Ask”

(December 4, 2018)

beware what you ask

we wanted more young ‘involved’*

now, they’re communists!

*(Long have I listened to media, adults, me and my friends complain that today’s youth need to be more involved in politics.  They need to become aware.  And I used to agree.  Then I came to an epiphany: No, They Don’t!  I once had neighbors with whom I talked and one day they noticed my “I Voted” sticker on the U.S.M.C. baseball cap.  They said they never voted.  I said you both know me and my politics and the fact we disagree so much on that yet I am the only one of the three of us actually who has a say in what happens around here.  And one of these days I may get the shock of my life when 51-percent of we who vote agree with me…that should scare you to pieces. Now, I don’t give that same speech. Ever. Except for here and I probably would fall out if it went past the next five people to read it.  I just had the lesson of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished pounded home again. And again. And I am quite happy to be on the losing side so often. Proves I still am a rebel. Only, now, I fear this voting thing has caught on and I will have to wait another 40 years to see it turn back my way again. Famous thinker said some decades ago: (paraphrased) There is something wrong with a 20-year-old who is not a liberal; there is something just as wrong with a 40-year-old who still is a liberal.

“‘Politarian’ Now?” Tanka 2188

(December 4, 2018)


now? I left my best haiku

in a warm crapper


’cause I had to haul water

and last storm-yard kept calling*

*(A leak – the city says no leak: empiricism on my side! – causes me to fill bucket after turning the tap on at the meter to flush the toilet.  Sorry about the details but not about sending mega-bucks to find/possibly correct/possibly the problem…and THEN the just past squall-line stormfront which soaked me through but a few hundred yards from the house left all kinds of unpretty and somepretty presents scattered about the yard and my food garden and the yardman was perhaps coming by to mow so I needed to do my duty-deed and that meant having to wait until just before or after forever to remember what-in-hole haiku one or two was about. Again. I found my last beer. Problem solved.)

“This Rubs Me Raw”

(December 4, 2018)

lost more than my mind

while upon ‘the throne – thinking

lost two ‘ku that way*

*(Sensitive types do not read past this colon: originally it was on the last line “lost two haiku wiping” but I do self-censor…sometimes and then correct the error often immediatly with gauche comments like the above. It still rankles that nature’s duty supersedes “art.” Sorry about the misplaced pun-alert .)

“Pre-empt Law Is Strategy”

(December 4, 2018)

‘Me Too’ Solution:

Hire them not – no more ‘complaints!’

No more CNN!*

*(Of course the solution is laughable.  Should any me-tooers get aggravated sufficiently the male-domination brigades will then be volleyed with Gender Discrimination – in place of Gender (Sex) Assault – or sumsuch legal proscription instead.  Few of those who esteem their lofty positions will find it comfortable to demure, even to the point of counter-claim or lawsuit.  Soon all of academia, industry, profession and more will have both men and women wearing Go Pro audio-visual shoulder-mounted devices for self-protection.  No conferences one-on-one, no mentoring, no inclusions without chaperonage even to the point of separate flights, separate seats if on same flights, separate hotels or at least separate floors…you get the picture.  Proficiency and expedience then drag hundredweight chains.  Until we all – men and women and their separate or joint operations outfits – come to grips with rampant “Correctness” little will get done and – wait a minute, if that were applied to governmental upper-management considerations perhaps not such a bad thing…really.)