“Turning Texas Blue” Tanka 2187

turning texas ‘blue:’

first, get the teachers ‘on-side,’

then the slide starts!


home-school or sit on school’s board

’bout the only way to fight!*

*(Public Education deliberately was targeted by social and political – can you spell Communism? – activists early in the last century in modern American experimentation with self-rule.  It is now so entrenched that even Church (parochial) and private non- and for-profit places of childhood redemption from Piggy’s Dilemma have become places of modern thought…which translates to: ‘Don’t Think! We’ve Done That For You. Here’s What You Need To Learn.’ If you do not have the time or temperament to teach your kids, form cooperatives of home schoolers and learn the basics and get ready to fight a political tussle to take control of your child’s tax dollars pointed toward education.  The treatises all are out there: if you would have sane children go find those tracts, read and rework them to fit your own outlook. Those are your children: not some diety-damned village’s! Enough! Thus Terminateth The Sermon. There will be no Collection!) 

One thought on ““Turning Texas Blue” Tanka 2187

  1. The tale begins with teachers. Naturally. The ones in Texas want to substitute Social Studies for History (possibly because they can not get that subject renamed Her-Story). They have a gripe about Slavery. When the Republican Party prior to Lincoln posted abolition as a plank in its platform prior to the 1860 election that was wonderful. Then. Then came Marse Abe – Abraham Lincoln if you must – who in fact was born a border-stater, if but before that appellation became apparent. Abe knew when it was his turn to hoist a not-Nastian elephant’s banner he’d better have a better hook to capture American Thought than slavery. He chose state’s rights, and why The Federal Government must be again’ it: not ’till enough white guys died in a winning battle two years into The War of Secession was it practical for Honest Abe to admit, at least in part, Slavery Was/Is And Issue. His Emancipation Proclamation (can you say Executive Order?) only freed slaves in Confederate Territory. Or did “teach’ tell that part of the tale? Back to the first two verses in this sordid situation in which Taay-Has Teachers try an End Run versus Oklahoma! And see why John-Bob and Janey-Girl Still think America’s Racist.)


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