“Social Studies Teaches Texas” Tanka 2186

(December 2, 2018)

Social Studies teaches

History easily changes

and now is more True


Texas Teachers told to say

Slavery* Started ‘The War!’


*(Rather than ‘”States’ Rights,” as had been previously thought – Damnfools, they! – Texicans got minds muddled by That Tennesseean failed Congress Critter David Crockett: it was in fact Slavery first, middle, last and always that caused The War Between The States. And mark this: you people wearing Blue Bonnets, it’s The Civil war! Even though any real definition of a Civil War has nothing whatsoever to do with A War of Secession. Texas educators’ capitulation to Modern Real-Think Social Studies (Socialism or Communism? Take Your Pick) is more true. so long as you just accept it and quit Thinking!  It’s Thinking that causes The Discontent between reality and our new Real Outlook!  Get over it you readers of History and Socialize! You know you want to… A’Course, Davey Crockett went Alamo-Shopping not for new Slaves but to get some peace and quiet, so the Disney Legend goes, but his tale ends rather abruptly with some fantasy of John Wayne-ian torch throwing and a 20th Century discovery – to America, not to Mexico – that the coonskin capper was pulled out of the pile of dead Texicans and Americans under which he was hiding and hauled wailing and be-moaning his tired fate to a musketball-pocked wall to meet his fame and Walt’s Fortune.  Either (or Neither) story is true. Or Not.  But what is true is that Sam Houston sat in The Governor’s mansion at the start of the sixth decade of the 19th Century and wanted desperately to stop the slide to more blood than any could imagine, and if Crockett, Bowie and Travis had listened and obeyed orders they well might have remained alive to see what crushing history was made at San Jacinto (sp?) after Houston pulled “A Washington” which later became the tactics of some other revolutionary military thinkers named Mao and Ho. But that’s history, and you got your Social Studies Homework to do, doncha?)

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