Not just a test to see if Reblog gets me this posting, but the one from BrewNSpew as well. Both sites stunningly well-done. Both posts ditto.

Eugi's Causerie II


Bells adorned in gold

Their throaty sound beckoning

Jingle and jangle


It’s Blogmas Time!

Holiday (Blogmas) – KaylaAnn


Sign off 2(1)

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6 thoughts on “Ring-a-ling

    • Found Reena Saxena’s blog; got Limitations in its original form – reblogged and sent on to FB and Twitter. Thanks for the tip…another skill into the jar. Owe you more than one brew. Once again I find the people I meet here through WP are just The Best. Wish I had more time to play in your pasture. I have tons left to do in my own patch, but soonerishly I must flee my local library internet port to get ready for another cold blast to The Garden and begin setting out new seedlings into their own pots to languish o’erwinter to keep me in beer money. J

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      • Wow, seems you have your work cut out for you. It’s good to be busy! πŸ™‚

        I found the WordPress community to be most helpful. I have learned a lot from them and I don’t mind sharing what I know.

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      • +Again, Franci Eugenia Hoffman – see. I finally took the time to read the little post-card on this thread – thank you so much. More now to explore. Oh, Boy. And another cold front coming after this mornings on the weekend. Mayhap I will declare BeerDay.
        Which of the names to you prefer? I noticed your work herein is signed -Eugenia. You cast some pleasant bait with the blog names and the beBee Brand sounds worth a trek as well. And againagain, mil gracias.


      • My full name is Franci Eugenia Hoffman and I use Eugenia as my pen name. It’s currently 34 degrees in my neck of the woods. beBee is interesting as based out of Madrid, Spain therefore has an international flair. Of course, there is the USA side of it.

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      • Thanks for the info, -Eugenia. I was just engaged a day ago about my name: J Kirk Richards. When asked by an assistant at the checkout counter what “The J Stands for,” I replied: “Me.” No, really, she insisted. I told the laborious tale of my parents’ picking my handle(s). At the end I told one of the assistants why I use “just J” by telling them both “Say J Kirk real fast three times without stopping…” one of them, the lady my age looked down and mumbled to herself, looked up with growing-wide eyes and grinned. The other: “I still don’t get it.” So I was kind: “being a jerk is kind of a trademark with me.” Franci is a unique-ish spelling. I like to tell the tale of my admittance to academic succes: came in kindergarten when the teacher had us all grab big fat pencils and write our names on the wide-line ruled paper she had just handed out. On an index card was our names printed so we could copy what we saw. I grabbed that tree-sized who-knows-what-number pencil and started at the top of the 8×11 page in the middle, drew halfway down a straight line, and then leaned the line to the left just about halfway to the edge. I finished my name first: thus a scholar I became.

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