One thought on ““Quandary’s Family”

  1. Just when I had told everyone no more Disney Freebs left to pass on. One kind soul, David Henson, Jerry’s son I seem to recall, returned the antique Walt Disney World entry and rides-pass saying the ticket-taker at Lake Buena Vista declined to accept the “Collectible.” David’s dad handed the ticket back to me…it was the only one I had left of my father’s collection…still do not know where The E Ticket roll of ride tix are hiding…can not recall putting them aside from the other alpha-numeric ones. I never went to Mouse House myself…it sits on the edge of The Green Swamp and I happen to have a very good guess why no one ever reports a mosquito bite whilst enjoying WDW. One high school pal kept trying to entice me to come out for a media-comp visit with her as my host and guide. Pride? Sometimes I get stuck in a moral mess and the rest of the time I’m the one making the mess. Moral? Not a guess.


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