“OxenFree! Oley-Oley’s Dilemma” Tanka 2185

(December 2, 2018)

Let this be a lesson:

Oley-Olley’s dilemma

means just what it says – 

Only Oxen get in free:

All Others must stand in Line!*

*(When but a tyke I never heard the phrase “Oley-Oley, OxenFree!” Must have had worse ears even that after that RPG B-40 perched near my limb decades later. That classic Hide-N-Seek phrase supposedly ended The Game.  But its political consequences played by children mostly Over Forty with titles like Congress(I Cannot Say Which Sex)person or Senator WinkHood, want what they call Amnesty Applied to Non-Oxes but anyone who can climb or not a wall or not.  The Dilemma is mine. And Yours.  Continue to vote or grab a bucket and a shovel and set out for Texas-to-California and go wall-building anywhere a private landowner wants to abuse the notion that No Land in America is free from Governmental regulation. Oh. You already knew that was a lie? Well. Try this.  Tell your Republi-Crat House of unRepresentative or MisNamed-Senator and President Donald John Trump hisownself none of them gets another vote until some bricks start going up all along that fence! And Mean It! Then it’s All-y All-y Y’alls in Free!)

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