“Media Stupid*”

(November 21, 2018)

media stupid

we’ve bought ‘poke-pigs’ yet again

it’s ‘dumb’ can’t be fixed


*(Here goes – again: The Declension of human cognitive abilities –

  1.  Dumb (as in deaf and dumb) – inability to speak now defined as inability to learn, though Ms. Anne Sullivan proved differently with that young lady from Alabama more than a century ago. Dumb has become a catchword rather than a descriptive.  A cousin moderately mentally handicapped once told me she preferred “retarded.” It means slow, she said. Handicapped was a nonsense word, she added.  “I am quite capable of complex thoughts, J,” she said: “It just takes me longer to get there.”  A girlfriend during my college days in Tampa was an itinerant teacher of blind, deaf and dumb infants, giving those children – often left with grandparents for many of the usual reasons – a first-contact and beginning of communicative skills with the outer world.  Those parents and grands who watched this young lady work tirelessly with those kids killed any thoughts of mine about Dumb and about gratitude being non-existent; 
  2.  Stupid – unwilling to learn. Willing to collect socio-politico-religio welfare, however.  Non-desirous of acquiring information.
  3.  Ignorant – those without access to information.  Teachable. Capable of great strides or great sloughs, depending, perhaps, on personal desire, willingness to work to educate themselves. and the ability and knowledge of where such information is available: Libraries come to mind.
  4. Intelligent – capable of learning. Complex thought and expression happens at this level.
  5. Smart – capable of using their learning successfully. Correct application of complex thought and expression happens here.
  6. Wise – capable of using that successful learning in a such a way as to advance not only their own stations but also to increase and improve human conditions. A very rare state of being: usually happens within 15 minutes of death – on either side of that divide.

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