“You ‘Smexy’* Romance Writer-Curious, Look For Shehanne Moore”

(November 16, 2018)

Menacing Dennis

poor Margaret Mitchell’s plight:

Pig Pen is bethothed!

*(Smexy is how famous romance novelist – and all around right chum on WordPress Shehanne Moore describes her written work.  Some of the rest – outside the visually stunning novel covers, mandatory it seems for the genera – is engaging, fun and head-shakingly worth ruining a day following the threads instead of what you set out to accomplish.  A good half-hour’s frolic in GoodLady Moore’s wacky domain will refresh if not inspire. Go. See. The above is not posted under duress: but I felt the need to assuage guilt over her reading my stuff and me cheerfully admitting I read not romance…but the “smexy” does intrigue.  Smart-Sexy? The mixed cartoon metaphor is purely my invention. Chuck Schultz won’t mind, and Hank Ketchum loves advertising no matter how attempted.)

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