“A Note To A ‘Bill'”

(November 14, 2018)

Bill, wrong-head thinking

stinking up other good name.*

What will ‘Doc’ Cosby do?

*(From you, good and thankfull- so former President Bill we have come to expect such, but too few of us knew and none I fear suspected aloud the clay feet Doctor Cosby – the actual PhD’d guy not the fake family dispenser of homilies and enigma – wheeled and wheedled and some say “dropped” around en route to pleasing himself first, second and third, with a few good raps about family, responsibility and education flung straight into the laps of those who prefer their gods of race much tamer.  What a shame all that knowledge, humor and good sense existed only on scripts and in a lie.  Would that Bill Cosby put his remaining days to better use, writing what and why who happened to turn this icon into a pile of blowfly-bait.  Yo, Bill, you can contribute still.  Write it ALL down and send it via apology-mail direct to our hearts and heads and our children’s minds.  Be a real example, Bill.  Be a real man.  Be a beacon. Be a map. Redemption. C’mon, Bill. Spill.)

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