“When The Rains Came A Cropper”

(November 15, 2018)

Wednesday’s late rain

comes creeping* by Thursday’s sun.

Quick – find a new excuse!

*(I closed down the drive-in movie screen late Wednesday night – the drive-in stand’s snack bar had shut down hours earlier and if I wanted more I would have to un-repose and go clawing my way through the choices…but I heard not a whimper of rain nor a crash of thunder or saw  flash of lightning – all of which Weather Radio had intimated if not in fact promised…though I do recall hearing of heavy down-droppings of liquids out West by Leesburg and suchlike.  I grumped something about not nice to fool with Brother J and his eternal search for free rain he has not to tote in buckets to his lunch-in-growing called “Garden.” Fie. Not even the threatened fog.  Glad I took Thursday to myself for grouch purposes.  Nothing like a plan played along two separate paths and you get to pick the one you will get – eventually – and call it a “like” after the obligatory good grumble.)

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