“Sneakin’ About” Tanka 2167*

(November 15, 2018)

The Universe

was sneakin’ about with small

not-so-fell intent:


How little “The Bigs” will pay

to us not-so-mute wallflies?


*(I wonder on which side of the cellblock I shall find this, I wrote in an intro to this piece in richwrapper on Facebook.  I continued in cryptic: Sometimes Author becomes Arthur, and sometimes Arthur drives.  So long as the rumble seat remains open and devoid of poking springs I gladly shall ride. When first I encountered both the haiku and tanka forms I was confused and (though the poem began at the second line and missed entirely the part about “The Universe” and then redoubled my confusion as in contract bridge surprise play. And I liked the first part so much I amagamed the both.  Still wondering how the socio-economic byplay wormed its way into the tanka, but I did enjoy the “not-so” byplay.)


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