“Snake At My Mind’s Back”

(November 15, 2018)

snake at my mind’s back

coils and smiles at the fore’s rat

pretending monkey*

*(Comes from debating self re the nature of a triparate mind, though I feel the medulla oblongata is my favorite – not bad work, Lord, for a reptile ruling the lot, undergirding as it were the simian overlay with its me-ian (primate) finishwork up front, but I must confess a fancy for that wonderfellow The Corpus Callosum, without whom I’d have endless trouble explaining why I can walk and chew gum and even more importantly why I can go about easily talking and sometimes holding debates between the right and left halves of me. Supposedly The Soviets did some wickedness – a la The Twins Experiments of WWII in Germany – involving split hemispheres of the human brain by sundering said Corpus and Callosum. The stress tests both in Japan and Germany during the past century’s last great unpleasantness were boons to more pure-minded medical scientists, re NASA and space flight for humans and such, but at what cost? And for those whom the costs were terminal, was there any example of volunteerism involved? Sometimes, I think, the cost to climb up (or down or even sideways) humanity’s ladder is just too damn high.)

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