“Invest In ‘Dope For All!'”

(November 15, 2018)

What do you call

an illiquid investment”

A ‘Pig In A Poke?”*


*(Question came to me upon the nineteen millionth time I heard the radio ‘mercial hawking Cannabis Investment Opportunities. The muted and much-more-quickly sound-crunched series of caveats piqued my interest and caused quite a bit of guffawry between my two ears.  Well, Duuuuuuhh! Ya think there’s money to be made – outside the cash collected from commercials and brokerage houses and such – and did not catch anything past Illiquid, whatever the hole that means and I suspect I do know what that means and nary a word about Federal finickyness about making investments in moving dope…hey, ain’t that called Trafficking? Still? And the neat Fed Ruse of saying it’s only illegal until the tax stamps on such commercial activity is obtained and affixed and then refusing to issue said stamps or said affixtures? Like lotteries: a neat way to separate fools from folding-stuffs. My mind on this matter is unmade.  I await still the data from how many junior high- and elementary school-aged children get busted for peddling momma and poppa’s legal high-THC (pun intended) stash at lunchtime or driving it around with them in the ‘rents cat early some schoolday mornings? In this I am sure only John Morgan wins.)

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