Wait a me-ow. Don’t the cats get to choose? Momentary maudlins been visiting me, but I will adopt the post-its to the pieces. You still scheduled to be inundated with the former treestuffs. Do not try racing me: walk slowly good juice/ this patch too pretty for quick/ my time is ‘most out…* (just a few moments left before the library executioner says “stay. Hold. Henough!

Cat Nap Revue

will on a post-it
who gets my scribbled verses
who gets papa’s cats

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“Snake At My Mind’s Back”

(November 15, 2018)

snake at my mind’s back

coils and smiles at the fore’s rat

pretending monkey*

*(Comes from debating self re the nature of a triparate mind, though I feel the medulla oblongata is my favorite – not bad work, Lord, for a reptile ruling the lot, undergirding as it were the simian overlay with its me-ian (primate) finishwork up front, but I must confess a fancy for that wonderfellow The Corpus Callosum, without whom I’d have endless trouble explaining why I can walk and chew gum and even more importantly why I can go about easily talking and sometimes holding debates between the right and left halves of me. Supposedly The Soviets did some wickedness – a la The Twins Experiments of WWII in Germany – involving split hemispheres of the human brain by sundering said Corpus and Callosum. The stress tests both in Japan and Germany during the past century’s last great unpleasantness were boons to more pure-minded medical scientists, re NASA and space flight for humans and such, but at what cost? And for those whom the costs were terminal, was there any example of volunteerism involved? Sometimes, I think, the cost to climb up (or down or even sideways) humanity’s ladder is just too damn high.)

“When The Rains Came A Cropper”

(November 15, 2018)

Wednesday’s late rain

comes creeping* by Thursday’s sun.

Quick – find a new excuse!

*(I closed down the drive-in movie screen late Wednesday night – the drive-in stand’s snack bar had shut down hours earlier and if I wanted more I would have to un-repose and go clawing my way through the choices…but I heard not a whimper of rain nor a crash of thunder or saw  flash of lightning – all of which Weather Radio had intimated if not in fact promised…though I do recall hearing of heavy down-droppings of liquids out West by Leesburg and suchlike.  I grumped something about not nice to fool with Brother J and his eternal search for free rain he has not to tote in buckets to his lunch-in-growing called “Garden.” Fie. Not even the threatened fog.  Glad I took Thursday to myself for grouch purposes.  Nothing like a plan played along two separate paths and you get to pick the one you will get – eventually – and call it a “like” after the obligatory good grumble.)

“Wholly A Guess With No Playground About” Tanka 2166

(November 15, 2018)

The Left sees Center

fall and a Common Market

bastard disunites!

But may I pose a question?*

Which of two is The Bastard?

*(The distrust of English Prime Minister May’s government’s attempts to foil the voters’ intent to separate British from the new iteration of the European Economic Community, nee, Common Market, and now whatever it is – and will be – called with the insistence of The Voters to disunite – Brexit if you will – heartens me when it comes to similar shenanigans here in The Colonies.  Both sides, Democrucians and Republicrats, hate the new guy in charge who says he loves his voters and his nation and not necessarily his government…but give him time, and perhaps another one or two? more supreme court justices and once the electorate (national) figure out how they got rused into voting Democratic in The House for the next two years mayhap we will see a whole stinkpot of stuff get done from 2020 onward if not foisted off on the by-then struggling DemoWarDogs as they try to weave impossible agendas into a coherent lynch-rope…but the questions obtain: which rope and for whom? Stay tuned.  Keep your popcorn butter warm.)

“Invest In ‘Dope For All!'”

(November 15, 2018)

What do you call

an illiquid investment”

A ‘Pig In A Poke?”*


*(Question came to me upon the nineteen millionth time I heard the radio ‘mercial hawking Cannabis Investment Opportunities. The muted and much-more-quickly sound-crunched series of caveats piqued my interest and caused quite a bit of guffawry between my two ears.  Well, Duuuuuuhh! Ya think there’s money to be made – outside the cash collected from commercials and brokerage houses and such – and did not catch anything past Illiquid, whatever the hole that means and I suspect I do know what that means and nary a word about Federal finickyness about making investments in moving dope…hey, ain’t that called Trafficking? Still? And the neat Fed Ruse of saying it’s only illegal until the tax stamps on such commercial activity is obtained and affixed and then refusing to issue said stamps or said affixtures? Like lotteries: a neat way to separate fools from folding-stuffs. My mind on this matter is unmade.  I await still the data from how many junior high- and elementary school-aged children get busted for peddling momma and poppa’s legal high-THC (pun intended) stash at lunchtime or driving it around with them in the ‘rents cat early some schoolday mornings? In this I am sure only John Morgan wins.)

“Sneakin’ About” Tanka 2167*

(November 15, 2018)

The Universe

was sneakin’ about with small

not-so-fell intent:


How little “The Bigs” will pay

to us not-so-mute wallflies?


*(I wonder on which side of the cellblock I shall find this, I wrote in an intro to this piece in richwrapper on Facebook.  I continued in cryptic: Sometimes Author becomes Arthur, and sometimes Arthur drives.  So long as the rumble seat remains open and devoid of poking springs I gladly shall ride. When first I encountered both the haiku and tanka forms I was confused and (though the poem began at the second line and missed entirely the part about “The Universe” and then redoubled my confusion as in contract bridge surprise play. And I liked the first part so much I amagamed the both.  Still wondering how the socio-economic byplay wormed its way into the tanka, but I did enjoy the “not-so” byplay.)