“That Tears It!” Tanka 2161

(November 12, 2018)

Well, Doc, That Tears It!

Now comes Decembering Doldrums

sans monsoon eye-floods.*


I’ve watched this movie many

befores. And, the popcorn sucks!


*(several versions of the second and third lines of the haiku: “starts now decembering doldrums” is one; “sans the monsoon tears” another.  Some have suggested it is a compromise with PTSD, which I pretty much roundly reject: I have Pre-Traumatic Stress Order, not post traumatic stress dis-order.  The latter is an ongoing reaction to previous stimulii proven insufficient to end me: the former is the sure knowledge that someone – or something – else again will have that opportunity, so watch your six, sit facing a door and know where all the exits and surprise-firing and -unfiring furniture is and (this will surprise hardly any of my pals: constantly ask yourself the question upon seeing another man – now woman as well: I am growing! – coming upon the scene: how best will I ‘take’ him if I so have to? Paranoia and planning both are signposts to Pre-Traumatic Stress Order…only the FNGs go clueless to the difference.)


“In Answer To ‘Late-Century Playmates’ Haiku”

(November 13, 2018*)

cryptic with reason

rarely used as a weapon

barstool more suited


*(In response to the haiku dated 11/12/18, entitled “Late-Century Playmates” the above got typed into a Facebook reposting and I though further explanation – expiation? – was required.  So, I fudged there a bit – lot? – there, too.  Hey! This stuff’s more my own shorthand memory stick and if sufficiently moved one day Real Soon Now I well may confess.)