They Switched Days On Me…

Just because I got to go to church twice this afternoon (once for UCF and once for Florida) I will miss strutting my Marine Corps stuff round town today, and the inclusion of the -news to me – Veterans Day parade and Memorial Service at Veterans Memorial Park on Lake Monroe seems kinda like short-changing everyone who served in other branches, having to hang out with a buncha Gyrenes.  But what do I have to grouse about: Veterans Day no longer will be celebrated Sunday, as it should be on Armistice Day, it’s REAL name, but instead will be a day off from regular toil for too many of us on Monday instead.

Commentary, Outrages, Prose

(10 November 2018 – the 243rd birthday of The United States Marine Corps)

They done and did it!

The hid Veterans’ Day and its downtown Sanford Parade and Memorial Service at the old bandshell now Veterans’ Memorial Pier on Lake Monroe today. It’s the freakin’ Marine Corps Birthday today, not Veterans’ Day! for Archibald Henderson’s Sakes!  Today, the youngest and oldest Marines get the first two slices of cake.  The chow hall serves steak and, sadly – and I blame political and medical correctness – no longer include a birthday cigar with the meal.  There will be a Birthday Ball later tonight and clean-shaven and just-shorn geezers will slip into still-fitting Dress Blues with all The Fruit Salad a misspent youth can accumulate, a couple of shooting badges and if you-got-it-flaunt-it Ossifer’s straight stick-em or an NCO’s delicately curved saber complete with Sam Browne belt and shoulder-strap hook-ups and parade…

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