“Radish Murder Mystery*”

(October 23, 2018)

skulking past carrots

hear a radish cry when pulled

salad murder**


*(Once when youngest niece declared independence from animal protein I looked ‘cross-table her way, winked exaggeratedly, and proposed: “honey, I have heard carrots cry when they are pulled. And radishes cry louder.” Her mom was unamused.)

**(What I wrote (approx.) on the Facebook-flung version of the above was similar but different: it wound up with a short treatise concerning the careful consideration I made holding forth on radishes and carrots instead of, say, beans-n-rice and the need to start learning to tolerate if not like epazote in re to counteract the olfactory and aural accompaniment to such victuals.  I ended with this lament: it remains my fondest hope one day to play a Bach Sonata on my Phart-O-Matic.)

“Found: Many More ‘Scrits’* UnSeen”

(October 24, 2018)

found many more scrits*

still untranscribed – vote questions

gonna hafta wait!


*(Not sure if “Scrit” is of mine own coignage…and, no, coign is not mine: it’s a not-archaic but early and to my way of thinking more accurate and more easily distinguished from its ‘g’-less brethren, coin…but it is a compound (perhaps compound-complex as in a fracture) word combining script and writ. It is cousin to screed.)