8 thoughts on ““Wet, Chilly Welcome For November”

  1. And this Thursday we have drizzle promising to transform into riotous rain and coming a brief flirt with mid-50s F temps and clear blue what had been held forth as murk and wet Saturday-Sunday. This roller coaster ride will wend its way to mid-December, fitful and fuming and entirely patterned by past performances…just live somewhere – or with someone – forty or more years and the “new stuff” will engage memory of what went on before.

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      • ‘aven’t had the flue cleaned nor the firebrick chimney swept in two decades, but I have a nice firepit outside by the garden…a big snifter, some real local-made marsh-mallows and a nice long striped-of-fronds palmetto upon which to skewer them, a bucket of teeth-blastingly cold ‘merican lager (that way you miss most of its mundaneness, ain’t that right Buddy-weiser? Maybe after the cognac (or anejo tequila or rum…hmmm, decisions, decisions: shudda run for city council if I wanted to make all those decisions…now, what goes best with marshmallow? S’mores, of course, but to drink. Hot chocolate – even the authentic (kinda) Mexican version out of The Yucatan – is overdone and it’s not cold enough: maybe mid 50sF here tonight for the second night in a row…omg: a cold spell! But we will bounce back to the 80s next several days to a week with morning temps threatening 70s. But we do have a nice windchill factor of 75. Which is why we get Rats each Winter…the kind wearing fake mouse ears out South and West of OrlanDisneyO. Sober Canadians the worst drivers, followed by Ohioans and even New York pedestrians.

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    • Windchill here of nearly 85 F…without the wind, of course. That would push it below 84, I believe. Our Novembers – and good bits of Decembers – play roller-coaster light (mostly). mid-50s with some forays into the early 40s during the dark and 60s to 80s with forays above 90 during the days. I’ve gone surfing in New Smyrna (Actually did have a sponging operation for a time before The West Coast at Tarpon Springs began booming: named for one of Turkey’s dirtiest – if possible to allocate degrees of public filth (1960s era when I was there) – towns. Smyrna from biblical times now named Izmir. Still a cesspool…wonder if the new Islamist state has affected a curtailment in prostitution and drunken brawling, especially when a US Navy/Marine element is in port? Wild West barfights. I stayed mostly at the U.S. Air Force Base all-ranks club eating American and some approved and hygienic Turkish and Mediterranean dishes – and good old ‘Murican swill to ruin what few brain cells stubbornly tried to remain active.

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  2. I know, Shehanne: persistent brain cells lurk hidden behind their blowsy cousins until they judge the time ripe for reforestation. I do all I can to maintain an hygienic but sill disordered state ‘twixt the ears, but you know into all life a little maturity occasionally manifests. Alas.


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