11 thoughts on ““Oh, My ‘Threatened’ Ankles”

  1. And, yes, a thin veil on a blue wave. The vitriol I added to the Facebook edition of this post will not go up here. Feel free, however, to go visit richwrapper for a nice War Prayer-like endgame analysis beforehand. I do death and destruction a bit mawkishly but well if I must so say.

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  2. Pardon the prolonged guffaw, m’dear. As a practicing high-ranking skeptic permit, please, my Bronx Cheer…and if unfamiliar with the so-named derisive, I shan’t explain, as it puts too much slobber on both keyboard and screen. You are such fun and I remain so tame. Will you use stun gun or a simple smashed mallet? I must warn, the cranial vault is quite thick. There are oak trees about which so attest.

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  3. Just now, a lady sat down at the ‘puter beside me and said: “They allow you to be on, here?” I replied: “no,” and went on with my typing. Did that lady swipe my last remaining basket of nerve? But, back to the matter-at-foot, Shehanne. You trying to ruin my reputation? I fought long and dirty to get it well below gutter level and here you are announcing goodness and personhood upon my carcass. And I am so glad you ain’t talking s’ain’t-hood either. See, the spelling of saint has been corrupted ever since they let that carpenter’s son inna guild. Used to be called S(ociety of) Ain’t. Gott get more gud spelers inta the crowd, neh?


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