“Tomato & Cheese* On Baguette?”

(October 18, 2018)

letting two perfect

‘maters matriculate past

table to compost?


*(Despite the barker’s belief his Lakeland-bought – probably – tomatoes were straight outta the hills of East Tennessee (yeah, Bristol, Tennessee, the big kahuna in produce from all over The Eastern Half of Us, still makes it Vine Ripe, says he…but quiets some when I hand him a blossom-end to smell), but them ‘maters actually were perfect, firm but burstingly ripe: one I peeled all the way from outer-flesh to the remaining inner core of jelled seeds in real aspic: quartered and two eaten off-of-knife and two saved for Triscit, one naked and one with goat cheese with thyme and black pepper but the question obtains – and remains: what to do with the near-deathdate of the remaining two?  A fresh baguette, butter, kosher salt and freshly rendered black pepper, slice said tomatoes thickly with a properly serrated knife over the cheese slabs which hide the butter, repeat seasonings and for the first half damagingly cold fresh milk and the second half and equally frigid lager poured straight-down-the-middle of a frost-rimed heavy pint bar-fight-throwable glass.  For that second set I allow accompanyment: Kosher dill pickle spear(s), achingly cold and fancifully trimmed red radish, green onions so crisp they crunch on the way to greedy teeth and not after. Now I know why Heaven has to fight so hard for customers.)

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