“Near Trip*InTheDark”

(October 18, 2018)


awareness jest fine: problem –

need it too often


*(Been creeping up on me of late…little things I’d not noticed, like reminding myself – often too often and too late – to make sure my usual paths are clear of the detritus of indoor living with an outdoor monster (me).  Now I must really admonish the guy between my ears to use the ‘lectric lights – or even the windup handcrank single-diode flashlight masquerading as a “Sidewinder” phone charger when I take a notion to trek three rooms away for a stash.  Last time I negotiated in the dark left great toe mutinied and I caught myself spinning out-of-control though a quick-firing synapse got my right hand to a door-frame and The House righted me right up.  I know I pro’ly will ignore this message-to-self…but I will try to limit my post-midnight forays to the peehouse of an unaugust moon…else I will be forced to kid-lift some child nitelites next time I spy a toddler with too man.)

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