Must take ‘nanner peels offen the fare, good sir: my staghorn ferns and compost meant for me as vegetal matter like the potassium and phosphorus too much…besides here in greater metropolitan nowhereneardowntownOrlando Snaffurd a deer’d be a headlight ornament in moments. Now, raccoons, armadillos, coyote, tree rats and such they mostly ‘scape our notice…so my compost bins are locked down, though I do spread a table for them with the coming crop of sad and forlorn streetcurbed pumpkins with graven faces in a few weeks…I take the flesh, dismember and ‘post it…my worms love me. I love my working worms. But what’s this ’bout apple cores…Eat The Apple, pal. I use the rigid edges of the seedpod holders as impromptu flossing agents…the stems I find succulent. Someone once told me apple seeds, like apricot and peach pits, are poisonous. So. I am, too. If not Three. Delightful piece of ‘ku, Juice.

for serving water
apple cores, banana peels
deer rate me five stars

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