“It’s All About ‘The Bigs’!”

(October 17, 2018)

First it was “hOOters”

now it’s tWin peAks. Do they sell

chick-wings, or big bOObs?*

*(Never been in either.  Not because I know I make the best dahaym finest haute-sauced buffalo wings in this world and maybe the next, nor because I like the beer I like and not the beer you overcharge me, but I like lookin’ in girls’ eyes when I’m talking to’em and not the open shelf just below their chins…as if recognizing good service with a tip ain’t enuff! Kinda insults me, donchakno: I’m just a dick with a wallet and it opens for tits. I’ll do my Franks-sauced yardbird arms at home thankeesoverymuch! Not that I don’t purely admire those shelves. Don’t even call for no books or nuttin on’em.  Purely admire that piece of art, but sellingstuffoff’en ’em? De-means you’n’me.)


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