“Doncha Just ‘Love’ Jessica* Mendoza?”

(October 17, 2018)

Beisbol’s been berry,

berry good to me – except

game-end tomorrow!

*(The former Stanford U softball player-turned ESPN (raido and else) announcer teamed up with Jon “Boog” Sciambi in current radio coverage of the American League Boston Redsox and the Houston Astros, has charmed and informed with an ease – in the booth – with veterans which I first came to view as a pleasant accompaniment to “The Guys Who Know.” Well, Jessica knows too. And she imparts that knowledge as only one who has hit a wall chasing a high fly can attest.  Her trenchant comments and not-always sycophantish second-hat style – and that honest pure female insider’s laughter tells me “Dizzy” take a break for a moment or two and let the new kid talk – make me a confirmed radio-head when it comes to beisbol and lets me get into a book or move around a bit without missing a beat from what I can not see on The Tube.  You just one of the good guys, Jess.  Welcome to my ears, dear.)

“It’s All About ‘The Bigs’!”

(October 17, 2018)

First it was “hOOters”

now it’s tWin peAks. Do they sell

chick-wings, or big bOObs?*

*(Never been in either.  Not because I know I make the best dahaym finest haute-sauced buffalo wings in this world and maybe the next, nor because I like the beer I like and not the beer you overcharge me, but I like lookin’ in girls’ eyes when I’m talking to’em and not the open shelf just below their chins…as if recognizing good service with a tip ain’t enuff! Kinda insults me, donchakno: I’m just a dick with a wallet and it opens for tits. I’ll do my Franks-sauced yardbird arms at home thankeesoverymuch! Not that I don’t purely admire those shelves. Don’t even call for no books or nuttin on’em.  Purely admire that piece of art, but sellingstuffoff’en ’em? De-means you’n’me.)


“But I Miss The ‘Take-Out’ Plays!”

(October 18, 2018)


double-plays now history:

but I miss ‘take-outs’*


*(While listening to American League Championship baseball Series I hadda agree that the old-style In-The-Neighborhood granted double-play rulings, long a personal foul in my sense of right, had been excised from The Blue Boys’ lexicon. But at the expense of disallowing – for admittedly righteous – ‘Take Out’ slides into Second-Sack reasons.  Yeah, I know some were spike-tries more than bustin’ up a shortstop of second-sacker’s legitimate lane to first, but, dahaymm! Weren’t them wipe-out plays sumpin’ to see!?  Before he became a famous bigtime scribbler one of my favorite youth sports stories writers penned a passage about a baserunner rounding third with two more comin’ behind with an arm-pumping motion to tell his ‘mates he was gonna wipe out the catcher – and the ball as well – sacrificing himself as the second out to score the next two guys behind to take the game in the bottom half of the final inning in which their team was trailing by one run.  No tie and extra-innings a true win-it-now-on-my-shoulders vignette.  Howard Fast was the writer (name just came to me as I typed this. Sanford Junior High Library: the book title I long ago forgot.  But a much later reading of a similar-styled book Slider by an author whose name I truly have forgotten, was about The Cape Cod League (wooden bat college summer league) in that legendary Massachusetts amateur baseball loop.  We now have a wooden-bat Summer college league here in Central Florida.  The Sanford River Rats play in a depression-era real minor league baseball stadium built to house the then Grapefruit League-based New York Giants all the way to when Jackie Robinson was denied entry in his Brooklyn Dodgers rookie season during Spring Training.  So Daytona Beach’s stadium got the honor of the legendary Mr. Robinson’s first Big League pro game.  Damnfool Stoopid Freaks Who Are Scared Of God’s Handiwork! Another celebration lost to fear and foolishness!)

“My Librarian”

(October 18, 2018)

Showin’ all kinds of

‘licious skin, my ‘brarian

changes hairstyle too!*


*(When I get permission I shall amend with her name.  The silkish but gauzy blouse had what I learned to say whilst in Hawaii, pooka (holes) placed in descending ranks from her shoulders-to-wrists, each emphasizing the contrasts of textured fabric with her warm chocolate smooth skin.  the smile rendered me when I noticed the new hairstyle, too, just warmed me through. And she gives good book, too!)