“‘Nature’ Magazine Says”

(October 16, 2018)

Nature Magazine:

Barley* next ‘warming’ victim –

thus, beer for all doomed!


*(Once again like 10-year-locusts the Global Warming crowd comes out with new doomspeaks, but this time Nature Magazine posits that this “fourth” We Have But 10 Years Before Doom prophesy, says the Northern Hemisphere’s barley crops will begin failing, and since it already is too late to change our ways and in response Mother Earth will spoil our world’s beer supply in a fit of mad pique over our disrespect of the new religion of Global Warming…oops, new denomination: Global Weather Change, Man-Made Synod! Next “They” will tell me hops and cannabis are doomed.  Hell, weed already is doomed: it’s on the menu for government acceptance here in the United States…especially since Canada has just announced beginning with Newfoundland the Country we like Laughingly To Call United States North, Eh?, will begin burning dope Real Soon Now and with that as prospect every right thinking head in North America – Mexicans swill cerveza too! – will jump on the Global Warming bandwagon just to give us a thirsty quenchee to go with our munchies! I surrender, Nature Magazine.  Roll Me ‘Nother Anchor Steam!)

“Judges And ‘Mendments”

(October 16, 2018)

judges and ‘mendments

’bout all that’s left to decide

for rest A Straight Ride!*


*(Much as I hate to admit and hate even worse the necessity, making sure Democrats are punished – and I and my city, county, state and country are protected from the locust-looking like Bernie Sanders pure get I have determined to hold both ends with both fingers and toes and vote a straight RepubliCrat ticket despite wanting to spank some GOPers, especially Marco Rubio, but he has a pass this time around and I do not have to break my heart making a mark beside his name.  Don’t recall EVER voting any kind of Straight Ticket before.  And I may not this time around either.  Like I learned from my Dad: tell no one how you vote, what you make, who you are and what you do…those who want to know will watch and learn, the rest can go hang.  Of course he never said how Mom took that stand, though she often asked for advice and quizzed me at least – although I know not what she did/said with my brothers on matters political, she, too, never revealed her votes either. Good family tradition, that.)