“Chili Peppers Say”

(October 4, 2018)

chili peppers say

it’s time to bathe in ground beef

(or other suitables)!

*(since I still have a pound each of ground pork, chuck and veal and do not want to make another freeform meatloaf, and do have some New Mexican hatch peppers to go with some of my own reddening ripe chilies, I can make up a mess of chili to make a moat around some mixed rice – white, brown and wild, all done separately: I know that’s a chore, but just think of the water-weight you will loose doin’ up this extravaganza!  Add sliced green onions (with both white and green) to garnish with a scattering of just-shredded cheddar (the kind with taste that comes from a block and not a bag) and a smidged or seven spoons of sour cream.  Hey, Maw! We got any bigger spoons? Crusty french bread rounds with just-cut garlic right off the grill?  Cold beer? A simple tossed salad of greens, sweet onions, cukes and baby tomatoes in an olive-oil and homemade red wine vinegar shaken up in a jar? Oh, my!

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