2 thoughts on ““Success Smells”

  1. If you do not have a high-pressure nozzle on your garden hose, Lady Yassy, it gets a mite onerous washing off The Life’s remains from your cycle’s tires…now, I won’t say tiring, but olfactory-typingishness it do tire at times, though I have to admid I keep a scrub brush (dedicated to the task of tires and boot soles (perhaps I should include boot souls, neh?) near the bucket behind the front (and back – I truly am lazy enough to eschew hauling said bucket/brush to both doors. And what about the other two doors leading in? See what I mean? Muy perozoso! No?) door steps iffin I do not want to remove said footwear since I
    m only checking the phone messages en route to another cold beer or blessed chilling-down suntea with or without the disinfectant vodka…never know what bugs crawl into your drinking water and it always is best to be safe. Which is why so rarely do I drink sun tea: just slug the hydrogen hydroxide straight from the hose.


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